Elvis Red & Gold

Latest Artwork from the studio in Lockdown

So I’ve included this video via my IGTV on instagram @artbymandyuk

It is about demonstrating the details of the artwork and different textures and colours that I chose to suit how I remember Elvis his look and smouldering look of those eyes he seemed to have a magic about him it was like he had the Midas touch where everything he did turned to gold this is reflected in the painting in Elvis eyes and the background representing that starry essence he had that his fans worshipped. The metallic Red flashes in his hair representing the Elvis stage lights giving off beautiful red rays of light on his stage silhouette the velvety matt black paint is used in his hair and that is to represent Elvis famous black hair dye known as black velvet also the song. I also used my drip paint technique something I started to use back in 2012 on a painting titled Fragments of my Mind. Like Elvis who is also a fragment of my mind. I like to paint portraits representing my memories and thoughts through my life wether it is in the present or the past. I also love Pop Culture again past and present and I enjoy painting them and why or how they represent my thoughts or have affected my life. 

Let me know your thoughts on my latest work all comments welcome.