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Window Into Wildlife 🍃🌿🌸🐝🐿

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Good morning lovely people. A few weeks ago I mentioned I had been involved in a secret project.. The restoration project is about saving a local historic Aqueduct Cottage in Cromford Derbyshire and to highlight its beautiful natural surroundings & nature. Also featured in a local e newspaper Derwentwise. 

I became involved after seeing a callout for local artists to create paintings on the window & door boards. I couldn’t resist as I’d spent so many years since a child visiting. A beautiful magical place full of nature. You can view all the images on you will notice from my timeline on there how much I enjoy going to the canal. Also in the images on Instagram are the family who lived there in the 1950’s with Frances Fay Barker one of the young children pictured in the black & white photo how beautiful!! So it did mean alot for me to get involved and give something back to the community. I hope you enjoy reading all about it. 

Have a great day everyone 


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Delving Into My Artistic Process


A delve into my artistic process. Today I have created myself a new blog on WordPress! Designed wording for Art on a Tee going to print very soon! Answered my emails, posted, comments upto date!

I’ve also been for the last few months thinking & thinking & researching about my new series “Fragments Of My Mind” How am I going to represent this! Below are my thoughts

Thinking about my series in progress “Fragments of Mind” at the moment! At first it was titled “What You Give To Me” hence the apple & the hand representing giving but also representing birth then as I delved more into my thoughts.  It became not just about “what was given to me” but also about connecting with my past what was given to me naturally the passing memories. For that one split second planted in my mind forever.

Now that I have my thoughts gathered I am finding a way to represent my series. The first being the main painting which will be a collage. I’ve got the glass cutters ready for when  I will begin my process! I have begun with a basic sketch.