“Fairground Attraction”

Original Art 
My art is featured for the month of October on The New Fat a Nottingham based Graphic Design business.
My painting is titled “Fairground Attraction” and is based on the famous “Nottingham Goosefair” 
Details about why I painted “Fairground Attraction” are featured on my Blog: https://artbymandy.wordpress.com/2013/09/05/fairground-attraction/  I do hope you find this of interest more information is included below.
Social Media Information:
“Fairground Attraction” Featured Art. My original painting “Fairground Attraction” has been featured for the month of October on The New Fat and includes a free downloadable October Calendar for you to share via email with friends,colleagues. If sharing on Twitter & facebook please include @artbymandy @thenewfat @studio61gallery #Nottingham #Goosefair #Fairground Attraction #BigOctober
Exhibition Information
The original painting is exhibited at Studio 61 Gallery Tel:01629 534532
I hope you enjoy the free Calendar and I hope you enjoy my art.

“Fairground Attraction”

Fairground Attraction upload-Nottingham-Goosefair Artist Mandy-Jayne Ahlfors© Orange-Blue-Acrylics on Canvas-Sept2013“Fairground Attraction” Size 12×12″ Acrylics on Canvas Sold by The Buzz Gallery Castle Donnington

Inspired by the famous Nottingham “Goose Fair”. I was asked by a local company in Nottingham if I’d like my art featured on their website for September 2013 they also featured one of my paintings the previous year “The Great British Mini”  www.artbymandy.com.

Debbie Mawhinney Directorat The New Fat www.thenewfat.co.uk  suggested I tie in an event or similar that would occur in Nottingham, I agreed to do some research and on my findings I decided the Nottingham Goose Fair would be a good choice and so Debbie happily agreed and changed my feature date to October.

The Goose Fair ties in with autumn one of my favorite seasons and the very famous event. I also lived in Nottinghamshire for a while as a child and later again as a teenager it couldn’t be a more perfect choice I really love to find connections.

I researched further and found that the Goose Fair had been running for over 700 years. It all began at the time of King Edward l in 1284 and began as a trade fair for animals, farmers would paint the feet of their geese with tar and walk them more than 50 miles or more to the fair. Over the years entertainment and stalls were added and eventually travellers brought their attractions and thus The Goose Fair became a “Fairground Attraction” and always at the beginning of October, it is now the biggest fair held in Europe with over 100 attractions. Last but not least there is also a famous painting by Artist Arthur Spooner “The Nottingham Goose Fair” 1926 and sold by Christies in 2004. The paintings is now exhibited at Nottingham Castle.

Sources: Nottingham City Council http://www.nottinghamcity.gov.uk  The National Gallery www.nationalgallery.org.uk

Autumn Inspirations

Autumn Inspirations
Wingfield Hall
This morning as looked out the window taking in the Autumn mist scene I decided to go out on an inspirational walk with the our borrowed dog Rhia in tow! Walking down from Church street ,Heage past the windmill at this point could not see it through the mist. Heading down towards the famous Excavator Pub dicing with death along the way escaping into a nearby field thinking I may have trespassed but I literally could not see oncoming traffic. Whilst making our way across the field continuing taking shots of the local countryside overlooking Ballie’s pond. Then crossing the road on the A610 towards Pentrich looking for the footpath towards Wingfield I never found it so carried on walking along the B610 to get to my destination taking more photos the mist was disappearing fast as noon began burning it away! Still some hills in the distance towards Crich Stand on the left clung onto their misty blanket so enchanting! To top the view off a wonderful sight of a Hot air balloon hovering above the misty blanket giving me thoughts of a favourite old classic film 80 days around the world. Then to the right across the road a recently ploughed field or two reminding me of the adorable film Warhorse our beautiful Derbyshire countryside taking me back in time how wonderful is Derbyshire in all Four Seasons. Eventually I start clambering up bank sides just to get my dream views with the poor dog taking every step with me. We even made a few cow friends trying to get closer Rhia decides she should bark them off! Clambering yet again to get more views just so breath taking! We then cross the road further into Pentrich near Wingfield getting every possible view I can with my smartphone. Eventually I sat for a moment breathing in the Derbyshire air & taking in the awesome views. Lo & behold a convoy of bikes came through we dare not move but the scene was awesome & it felt friendly as we know they are hubby being a seasoned biker & all. Then down into Jacksons Lane we or rather I clambered into the field on the right as close as I can get to Wingfield, dodging the cowpats I did but the dog didn’t! After getting my closer shots we head back out the field the dog nearly walked off as I let go of her lead I panicked & had to get through the gate in a contortionist manner forgetting my age & forgetting I’m not a contortionist either! Irritating an old hip injury! At this point hubby came to collect me in his beloved old jalopy jeep. Ending our inspirational journey with a stop at ambergate bacon van surrounded by more beautiful scenery & a warm cup of tea! New print available on fineartamerica.com! – ‘Autumnal Mist’ by Mandy-Jayne Ahlfors – http://fineartamerica.com/featured/autumnal-mist-mandy-jayne-ahlfors.html