Original Art “My Boy”


I was invited by Geoff Yeowart of Brit Poppy Art to take part in a prestigious art exhibition in aid of three charities listed below all supporting the soldiers and families and veterans who have faced conflict and some of those are people that are close to me including my brother, uncle and my granddads brother who died at the young age of 17 in Italy where he is also buried alongside thousands of other brave soldiers.. My brother and Uncle are both war veterans I am very proud of my family.

I sincerely hope my artwork can make a small difference to help those still facing conflict and who have been affected previously.

“My Boy”
A son, father, brother and a husband.

I found painting this emotionally challenging as I put myself in the shoes of the mother, daughter, sister and wife of the soldier away from home with no protection from his family the sadness was very strong as I pulled myself through the painting I was in deep was there ever going to be way out. I connected with his soul through the eyes of the soldier. I remember when my brother was away on the ship HMS Arc Royal I felt helpless and I literally thought of nothing else even whilst I was listening to customers who’d not received their orders of champagne and chocolates as I recall I thought of nothing else other than my brother I was always praying everything was going to be ok that he wouldn’t get hurt. He is now a happy retired Navy veteran who has fought for Queen & country and he works full time but he is able to go home every night and enjoy his time with his life with his wife and two sons 🌹

Acrylics on Canvas Size 60 x 45cm Prints Available, please email the artist artbymandy.uk@gmail.com

Original Brit Poppy Art WW1 Centenary Art Exhibition Preview Evening 1st August 2014

Exhibition Dates 2nd, 3rd & 4th August 2014 Free Admission

WW1 Centenary exhibition  with Pitsfordart

Proceeds of sales to these three charities Help For Heroes, The Royal British Legion and The Royal Anglian Regiment

The Event is part of The Imperial War Museum and Arts Council WW1 Centenary events programme.






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Work in Progress (Brit Poppy Art Exhibition)


Thoughts and Description

My Brit Poppy Art portrait has been making me feel really emotional I’ve been living the story whilst painting this young soldier. I’m in so deep with this portrait but thats how I do get when I’m painting portraits! #WW1 #Britpoppyart

Exhibition dates

1st August Preview Evening For ticket info please email: info@pitsfordart.co.uk

2-4th August 2014 Free Admission