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Good morning lovely people. A few weeks ago I mentioned I had been involved in a secret project.. The restoration project is about saving a local historic Aqueduct Cottage in Cromford Derbyshire and to highlight its beautiful natural surroundings & nature. Also featured in a local e newspaper Derwentwise. 

I became involved after seeing a callout for local artists to create paintings on the window & door boards. I couldn’t resist as I’d spent so many years since a child visiting. A beautiful magical place full of nature. You can view all the images on you will notice from my timeline on there how much I enjoy going to the canal. Also in the images on Instagram are the family who lived there in the 1950’s with Frances Fay Barker one of the young children pictured in the black & white photo how beautiful!! So it did mean alot for me to get involved and give something back to the community. I hope you enjoy reading all about it. 

Have a great day everyone 


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The Beginning of The End

Le Tour De Yorkshire Grande Depart, Tour De France


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“Le Tour De Yorkshire Grande Depart” Acrylics on Canvas, Size 40″ x 30″ Grande Depart, Tour De France, Yorkshire Dales. Inspired by the Tour De Yorkshire race. The painting is built up  from many different photographs I took during the … Continue reading

“Fairground Attraction”

Fairground Attraction upload-Nottingham-Goosefair Artist Mandy-Jayne Ahlfors© Orange-Blue-Acrylics on Canvas-Sept2013“Fairground Attraction” Size 12×12″ Acrylics on Canvas Sold by The Buzz Gallery Castle Donnington

Inspired by the famous Nottingham “Goose Fair”. I was asked by a local company in Nottingham if I’d like my art featured on their website for September 2013 they also featured one of my paintings the previous year “The Great British Mini”

Debbie Mawhinney Directorat The New Fat  suggested I tie in an event or similar that would occur in Nottingham, I agreed to do some research and on my findings I decided the Nottingham Goose Fair would be a good choice and so Debbie happily agreed and changed my feature date to October.

The Goose Fair ties in with autumn one of my favorite seasons and the very famous event. I also lived in Nottinghamshire for a while as a child and later again as a teenager it couldn’t be a more perfect choice I really love to find connections.

I researched further and found that the Goose Fair had been running for over 700 years. It all began at the time of King Edward l in 1284 and began as a trade fair for animals, farmers would paint the feet of their geese with tar and walk them more than 50 miles or more to the fair. Over the years entertainment and stalls were added and eventually travellers brought their attractions and thus The Goose Fair became a “Fairground Attraction” and always at the beginning of October, it is now the biggest fair held in Europe with over 100 attractions. Last but not least there is also a famous painting by Artist Arthur Spooner “The Nottingham Goose Fair” 1926 and sold by Christies in 2004. The paintings is now exhibited at Nottingham Castle.

Sources: Nottingham City Council  The National Gallery

“Autumn Inspirations Series ” Sky Over Riber Castle


Painting Title:”Sky Over Riber Castle”
Medium: Acrylics
Size: 24″ x 24″
Original priced at £400
Limited Edition Prints 100

Size 7″ x 7″ mounted Price £45
Size 10″ x 10″ mounted Price £75
Size 16″ x 16″ mounted Price £120

About “Sky Over Riber Castle”
An intriguing journey that led Mandy to find out more about the castle. Starting with my memories as a child visiting this wonderful castle she remembers back then believe it or not was a zoo.  As a child she always thought it was built for the Queen! Sitting proudly at the top of Riber hovering over the town of Matlock definitely built for Queen.  Once Mandy began delving into the history of Riber Castle she found it was actually built by a local tradesman known as John Smedley who is famed for his a yarn knitting factory “John Smedley” It was said to have created the “Long John’s”. And to this day his clothing line is still in production and can be purchased in well known outlets in the UK and across the world, the factory is based at Lea Bridge, Derbyshire. He also had connections with famous Sir Richard Arkwright and the famous Florence Nightingale family. It was obvious John Smedley built Riber Castle for his own queen Caroline. Sadly after his wife passed away there and during the war it was used for storage after that the building became too expensive to run due to maintenance costs and so had many other uses including a boys school and the zoo as mentioned before, today it is not currently in use but there are always rumours it’s going to be hotel which would be a lovely or maybe a museum who know’s but it still remains as beautiful and certainly is so very inspiring! Everyone who visits Matlock in Derbyshire will undoubtedly have heard of the beautiful castle nestled in the beautiful countryside sitting proudly above us!