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Portrait Ken & Elder Brother 1938

Classic Portraits from Black & White to Colour

An original classical artwork brought to life painted in colour from a Black & White Photograph. This has become a popular service for my clients who love to capture their old photographs into a beautiful colourful painting. This service is unique and is available for anyone who wishes to bring life and colour into a favourite photograph why not capture your favourite old photographs into a beautiful colour painting.

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Window into Wildlife

Window Into Wildlife 🍃🌿🌸🐝🐿

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Good morning lovely people. A few weeks ago I mentioned I had been involved in a secret project.. The restoration project is about saving a local historic Aqueduct Cottage in Cromford Derbyshire and to highlight its beautiful natural surroundings & nature. Also featured in a local e newspaper Derwentwise. 

I became involved after seeing a callout for local artists to create paintings on the window & door boards. I couldn’t resist as I’d spent so many years since a child visiting. A beautiful magical place full of nature. You can view all the images on you will notice from my timeline on there how much I enjoy going to the canal. Also in the images on Instagram are the family who lived there in the 1950’s with Frances Fay Barker one of the young children pictured in the black & white photo how beautiful!! So it did mean alot for me to get involved and give something back to the community. I hope you enjoy reading all about it. 

Have a great day everyone 


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Plus The Pentrich Revolution Bicentennial Painting

The Beginning of The End

Le Tour De Yorkshire Grande Depart, Tour De France


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“Le Tour De Yorkshire Grande Depart” Acrylics on Canvas, Size 40″ x 30″ Grande Depart, Tour De France, Yorkshire Dales. Inspired by the Tour De Yorkshire race. The painting is built up  from many different photographs I took during the … Continue reading

Gone With The Wind En Plein Air

        Rain, Wind & sun there’s going to be plenty of fun today en Plein air! I have had this image in my head since at least from my early twenties it’s been stuck in my head diary of must do paintings lots of memories from Cromford brilliant ones spent with the family my husbands family home once nearby, we used to go for walks by the canal that was stagnant at the time the water never seemed to move around but still looked beautiful & dark with dappled light & insects flying about walks in the fields with the children in the hot sun when they were toddlers!

Its here I found my perfect spot time to get set up! I’ve sat by the bridge & Cromford meadows sign painting en Plein air can’t beat this! Canal boat, walkers & dogs, cyclists weather stormy winds with showers & hot sun! Light chasing round as fast as the wind!

Feeling quite emotional sat here as I’m remembering my youth. So much energy even as a young mum running around like a child myself! Nice to have that feeling again that’s what memories are for perfect aren’t they! 
Just been told there is a dinosaur & I need to get that in my painting it’s near the factory! A gent just came up said how long as that taken you I said I got here about 11-11.30ish Not bad at all he says. It’s been so lovely so many people stopping for a chat & paying wonderful compliments. The view I’ve painted is different to what you can see so I think I will include the bridge in the next one as I like that view too! Great artworks by the rest of the group so many differ bet styles all masterpieces! Loved the wellbeing it’s brought today 😊 MJA🎨

“Wingfield Manor” A tale of intrigue, romance and history


“Wingfield Manor” Autumnal view from The Olde Yew Tree & The Orangery.

Wingfield Manor, South Wingfield, Derbyshire Mural Artwork by Artist Mandy Jayne Ahlfors©

Wingfield Manor, South Wingfield, Derbyshire
Mural Artwork by Artist Mandy Jayne Ahlfors©


Artist Mandy-Jayne Ahlfors ©

Mandy-Jayne Ahlfors ©

It has been a long journey a trail of history, intrigue & romance, a revolution & now ghostly goings on!
It all began at Wingfield Manor 500 years ago it was built for the very wealthy Lord Ralph of Cromwell, later owned by the Earl of Shrewsbury and Bess of Hardwick. Mary Queen of Scots was imprisoned at the Manor but don’t be fooled she was allowed out she would visit nearby Dethick and Buxton romance has been mentioned, she later suffered a terrible illness like so many of her time did.

There is a book writtten where Wingfield Manor is the location by a famous author Daphne Du Maurier’s Rebecca.
Peak Practice and Jane Eyre series have been filmed here the book Jane Eyre is by one of the famous english novel author sisters Charlotte Bronte.

2014 is the 500th Anniversary year of Wingfield Manor and will be celebrated with re-enactments from it’s history watch out for her majesty riding through the woods hopefully avoiding the man with the gun!

The South Wingfield and Pentrich Revolution : This another interesting one for me as I am a signed up artists and some members of “Wheatcrofts” descendants of my family from my mothers side were also involved in the revolution to what extent I’m unsure yet but Sylvia Mason of the group is investigating this further. Going off the trail a little I also found out the Wheatcrofts were from Wheatcroft next to South Wingfield & Crich. There are many well known names in this line including Frederick Bernard Wheatcroft of Donnington Park racing circuit, so much intrigue in this area of Derbyshire I love it.

Why not arrange a visit to our beautiful Heritage “Wingfield Manor” in South Wingfield Derbyshire. Guided tours Contact English Heritage to arrange a visit

Arrange lunch at “The Olde Yew Tree” Manor Road, South Wingfield. 01773 833626 Serving real ales, fine wines and home cooked food You might even see the peacock visit at The Olde Yew Tree or Wingfield Manor who knows whatever happens enjoy a visit steeped in history..

Original Art “My Boy”


I was invited by Geoff Yeowart of Brit Poppy Art to take part in a prestigious art exhibition in aid of three charities listed below all supporting the soldiers and families and veterans who have faced conflict and some of those are people that are close to me including my brother, uncle and my granddads brother who died at the young age of 17 in Italy where he is also buried alongside thousands of other brave soldiers.. My brother and Uncle are both war veterans I am very proud of my family.

I sincerely hope my artwork can make a small difference to help those still facing conflict and who have been affected previously.

“My Boy”
A son, father, brother and a husband.

I found painting this emotionally challenging as I put myself in the shoes of the mother, daughter, sister and wife of the soldier away from home with no protection from his family the sadness was very strong as I pulled myself through the painting I was in deep was there ever going to be way out. I connected with his soul through the eyes of the soldier. I remember when my brother was away on the ship HMS Arc Royal I felt helpless and I literally thought of nothing else even whilst I was listening to customers who’d not received their orders of champagne and chocolates as I recall I thought of nothing else other than my brother I was always praying everything was going to be ok that he wouldn’t get hurt. He is now a happy retired Navy veteran who has fought for Queen & country and he works full time but he is able to go home every night and enjoy his time with his life with his wife and two sons 🌹

Acrylics on Canvas Size 60 x 45cm Prints Available, please email the artist

Original Brit Poppy Art WW1 Centenary Art Exhibition Preview Evening 1st August 2014

Exhibition Dates 2nd, 3rd & 4th August 2014 Free Admission

WW1 Centenary exhibition  with Pitsfordart

Proceeds of sales to these three charities Help For Heroes, The Royal British Legion and The Royal Anglian Regiment

The Event is part of The Imperial War Museum and Arts Council WW1 Centenary events programme.

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