Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Thank you for the Love and Support this year.

Wishing you a restful and peaceful Christmas.

With Love from Art by Mandy UK


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Window into Wildlife

Window Into Wildlife 🍃🌿🌸🐝🐿

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Good morning lovely people. A few weeks ago I mentioned I had been involved in a secret project.. The restoration project is about saving a local historic Aqueduct Cottage in Cromford Derbyshire and to highlight its beautiful natural surroundings & nature. Also featured in a local e newspaper Derwentwise. 

I became involved after seeing a callout for local artists to create paintings on the window & door boards. I couldn’t resist as I’d spent so many years since a child visiting. A beautiful magical place full of nature. You can view all the images on you will notice from my timeline on there how much I enjoy going to the canal. Also in the images on Instagram are the family who lived there in the 1950’s with Frances Fay Barker one of the young children pictured in the black & white photo how beautiful!! So it did mean alot for me to get involved and give something back to the community. I hope you enjoy reading all about it. 

Have a great day everyone 


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A Fresh New Start!

Well hello it’s been a while don’t always have enough hours in my day to write my blog. Rushing around rushing around …..

Thoughts & jobs that start my thought art process Firstly I need to clear Christmas clutter and refresh the look of the house it is a joint job with my hubby then we plan birthdays sort bills and holidays plus sorting my own business admin duties. All jobs that need clearing away before starting my new commissions end of Jan. Sometimes it’s good to have a slight catch of breath before new commissioned work starts again and so I can start refreshing my thoughts. Inspiration is a great mind refresher too I watched an inspiring video that’s helped me to declutter my studio space in the conservatory I love it in there, and there’s so much light!  The video by thought provoking artist Gottfried Helnwein a truly fabulous realism painter I find inspiring! Also during his filming I noticed his use of a trolley with wheels this was his table wheeling it around his home whilst painting utilising the wall space he had with the aid of a trolley. I loved it and have now made use of an existing 2 tiered folding trolley I have been storing for years instead of cluttering the dining table thanks for the inspiration in many ways Gottfried• During Xmas 2015 I painted a mountain scene on 3 boards I really wished I’d painted this as a long term painting it was only meant as a temporary fun fixture for Boxing Day as part of our fun & games on World themes ours being Bavarian! It turned out so well I feel crazy not to have done this on a more permanent board or canvas. However I’ll be able to paint this one again.

Summit.Original Art by Derbyshire Artist Mandy-Jayne Ahlfors©, Mountainscape, Landscape, Winter scene, Hill snow, Limited Edition Prints Size 48 x 72, Acrylics on board


I enjoyed it so much I started another. Here is my WIP and finished work.

WIP Title Enrapture MJA, Derbyshire artist Mandy-Jayne Ahlfors©

I have taken so many photographs every where we travel it’s an obsession I truly love and I find some beautiful scenes from the Lake District.

Art by Mandy Jayne Ahlfors©

Art by Mandy Jayne Ahlfors©

Original reference photographed by Art By Mandy Jayne Ahlfors©

and began my journey of snow, hills and clouds I love observing the sky and tested myself on the dramatic sky I could see before me with my paintbrush in hand and my mixture of hues.

I’m feeling satisfied with the result! Do you feel the movement and emotion as I do? Refreshing my mind for the new year and a new start I’m feeling the urge to paint more like a feeling that never really leaves me!

Enrapture, Original Art by Derbyshire Artist Mandy-Jayne Ahlfors©, Mountainscape, Landscape, Winter scene, Hill snow, Limited Edition Prints Acrylics on canvas size 36 x 48"

Title: “Enrapture”, Acrylics on Canvas, Size size 36 x 48″

Inspired but the snow capped mountainous landscape in the Lake District, Cumbria UK

Mountainscape, Landscape, Iconic, Inspiration Lake District, Winter scene, Hill snow,

Limited Edition Prints available.

Not on website as yet for more info please email.


Award winning Artist

Best of Houzz 2016

Original Art by Derbyshire Artist Mandy-Jayne Ahlfors©

I Hope 2016 is a great one for all!


Gone With The Wind En Plein Air

        Rain, Wind & sun there’s going to be plenty of fun today en Plein air! I have had this image in my head since at least from my early twenties it’s been stuck in my head diary of must do paintings lots of memories from Cromford brilliant ones spent with the family my husbands family home once nearby, we used to go for walks by the canal that was stagnant at the time the water never seemed to move around but still looked beautiful & dark with dappled light & insects flying about walks in the fields with the children in the hot sun when they were toddlers!

Its here I found my perfect spot time to get set up! I’ve sat by the bridge & Cromford meadows sign painting en Plein air can’t beat this! Canal boat, walkers & dogs, cyclists weather stormy winds with showers & hot sun! Light chasing round as fast as the wind!

Feeling quite emotional sat here as I’m remembering my youth. So much energy even as a young mum running around like a child myself! Nice to have that feeling again that’s what memories are for perfect aren’t they! 
Just been told there is a dinosaur & I need to get that in my painting it’s near the factory! A gent just came up said how long as that taken you I said I got here about 11-11.30ish Not bad at all he says. It’s been so lovely so many people stopping for a chat & paying wonderful compliments. The view I’ve painted is different to what you can see so I think I will include the bridge in the next one as I like that view too! Great artworks by the rest of the group so many differ bet styles all masterpieces! Loved the wellbeing it’s brought today 😊 MJA🎨

“Autumn Inspirations Series ” Sky Over Riber Castle


Painting Title:”Sky Over Riber Castle”
Medium: Acrylics
Size: 24″ x 24″
Original priced at £400
Limited Edition Prints 100

Size 7″ x 7″ mounted Price £45
Size 10″ x 10″ mounted Price £75
Size 16″ x 16″ mounted Price £120

About “Sky Over Riber Castle”
An intriguing journey that led Mandy to find out more about the castle. Starting with my memories as a child visiting this wonderful castle she remembers back then believe it or not was a zoo.  As a child she always thought it was built for the Queen! Sitting proudly at the top of Riber hovering over the town of Matlock definitely built for Queen.  Once Mandy began delving into the history of Riber Castle she found it was actually built by a local tradesman known as John Smedley who is famed for his a yarn knitting factory “John Smedley” It was said to have created the “Long John’s”. And to this day his clothing line is still in production and can be purchased in well known outlets in the UK and across the world, the factory is based at Lea Bridge, Derbyshire. He also had connections with famous Sir Richard Arkwright and the famous Florence Nightingale family. It was obvious John Smedley built Riber Castle for his own queen Caroline. Sadly after his wife passed away there and during the war it was used for storage after that the building became too expensive to run due to maintenance costs and so had many other uses including a boys school and the zoo as mentioned before, today it is not currently in use but there are always rumours it’s going to be hotel which would be a lovely or maybe a museum who know’s but it still remains as beautiful and certainly is so very inspiring! Everyone who visits Matlock in Derbyshire will undoubtedly have heard of the beautiful castle nestled in the beautiful countryside sitting proudly above us!