Latest art from the Studio I

The Waite Brothers

So happy the finished result of this painting and I truly enjoyed the process that included research for men’s and boys fashion of the forties all looking dapper don’t you think? My clients commissioned family portrait is now completely finished here’s what my client had to say in a testamonial.

Customer Testamonial: Hi mandy. thanks for everything and all is ok, its great I just love what you can do. I just cant thank you enough for what you have done for me- Ken. Makes it all so worthwhile when your customers love what you do and show their support. So far my client has commissioned work for 5 portraits all on my blog. timeline. All the portraits were painted from Black and white photographs dating from 1930’s-1940’s except for one which was done from life.

#art #lovemyjob #bestjobintheworld #artandfashion #vintagepainting #1940s #brothers #vintagefashion #relaxedlook #menswear #dapper #boyswear #familyportrait #portraitpaintings #portraitart #artcollector #artbymandyuk #iloveart

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