Sunshine in the studio

Good afternoon what an amazingly beautiful day to paint 🎨 I’m back in the studio the sunshine is on my side today as work through some belated commissioned artworks I have some lovely clients who have waited patiently of recent its good to be back in the studio life 👩‍🎨 Below is part of a photograph I’m working from it’s in black and white and dates back to the 1940’s. My client has commissioned me for a series of family portraits it has been quite a challenge bringing black and white photos into full colour paintings a process I really enjoy.

Plus a little bit of fun I’ve been comparing my son and I 👦👩 both with the same features in the young pics of us both although he’s not really happy about his cute baby haircut though 💇‍♂️& waistcoat especially as he’s alot older now with a beard🧔🏻still handsome though 💁‍♂️ Having a fabulous day in the studio enjoying the sunshine

Have a great evening as the sun goes down 🌅

Art by Mandy UK

#art #artist #happytuesday #commissionedart #familyphotos #familyportraits #artistinthestudio #artcollector #artbymandyuk #iloveart

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