Bowie v Venus

Starman Touched My Soul” He really did! It was like pulling a thread from my brain right straight out my soul! Recently I had been studying David Bowie in the run up to my latest painting it wasn’t because of his death that this happened I’ve always been fascinated since the 80’s I then discovered Cracked Actor below about two years ago I became more fascinated with his style like no one else’s like I myself born to be different! The painting is to be exhibited at the annual #Twitterartexhibit NYC “Starman Touched My Soul”
"Starman Touched My Soul" Acrylics and Gold Leaf, Original On Canvas Size Original Art By Mandy-Jayne Ahlfors© copy


By now if you’ve read my blogs you will know that I love the joy of discovering more about my subjects they become a part of me. See “Fragments of My Mind”

Was David Bowie the modern day Da Vinci of music?

The characters who are they? Are they just characters or are they real only you or I can decide that. After reading, watching and listening exploring the wonders of David Bowie I feel like I’ve been in his head. I still have a lot to learn! What I have learnt so far is to be who I am as an artist I feel like I’ve found myself as an artist I already know that but just rediscovered it again isn’t that what he wanted you to discover who you are.

You see I only knew of his music from the eighties I was too young to remember his earlier works! But I’m feeling so pleased I discovered them and that was through a movie documentary I watched last year 2015 titled “Cracked Actor” I began to understand his earlier work. It sunk in almost immediately and made me realise what a fine artist, actor & musician he was I knew that already but this really made me think!. He was real and although he’s left us and gone to cosmic skies I believe he’s still here sending us messages through his music falling to earth you can listen but will you learn that is the question.

My Discoveries so farCracked Actor he later admits it was his was a real low in his life at this point! But I am getting a real sense of his work watch here

Tony Visconti musical director who worked on David Bowie in Heroes he tells us the story of how Heroes was made in Berlin. Perhaps he knew he was going to leave Tony a memoir here

Here I read an interview with Johan Renck the director of the video performance of David Bowies BlackStar, it makes me want to delve further what else can I discover about BlackStar what does it mean. I like it sad as it seems to watch but finding myself on yet another discovery

He has left a legacy that will live on as long as the meaning of time. Wow I think I’ve discovered something else. Read on…

16.40 Back to my studies (this was about a month ago)

I’ve been delving further into BlackStar and I’ve discovered its Symbolism! After reading my finds I’ve found I’m not afraid of the word death anymore!

David Bowie has taught me how to deal with such incident if it was for myself fear has been lifted I know where to look for the answer but that doesn’t count losing someone in your life just my own!

I’m now going off on a tangent.

(Insert From my dad Victor William Vickrage- I was reading discussing my blog to my dad and about why David Bowie didn’t have a funeral and talking to him about my different finds below-  he said from this is that why burials in India are cremated on the banks of the river, basically he’s saying it’s about different religions how different burials take place and we are assuming that David Bowie was religious and what type of religion he believed in )

As a fellow stargazer my husband will tell you if we are out at night I look up to the stars as though there is meaning up there like a force some kind of pulling power! Call me crazy but that’s how it makes me feel. I’m delving further into the meaning of  BlackStar it’s only just dawned on me that I needed to find more when I watched the video it was the decorated astronaut skull that made me think is this the same decorated skull we see at The Day Of The Dead festivities? More about about Day of The Dead . So this then lead me to find out more and I came across this interesting Blog- The reference for my discovery of BlackStar By Kyle.B.Stiff WordPress Blog

After reading the blog I then have to move on and find hidden meanings.

It all has meaning & I don’t just mean BlackStar! Right from the start!  You know the Starman he actually does exist!

16.55 The Pentagram (About The Star)

1)Five corners or five recesses the title of cosmogony an existence a universe a being. Cosmos is the birth of the universe.

  1. Symbolism the five senses David Bowie used them all.
  2. The five sacred wounds of Christ are the five wounds suffered by Christ before death. Is that the death of the five senses?
  3. The five joys of Mary. The Rosary garland of roses. Need more work on this.
  4. Further discussion with my dad-(Egyptians studied the stars they aligned structures with sun and the stars, Peru etc, people have been looking at the stars for thousands of years my dads thoughts) “A lot of people think that when you’re dead your dead but there has got to be something better than this!” quote Victor.W.Vickrage
  5. Occult with a single point upwards depicting a spirit of good when turned upside down represented the two horned demon spirit that attracts evil forces. Keep the star upright the upmost triangle points to heaven known as the seat of wisdom.
  6. German folklore known as Drudenfuss
  7. East Asian symbolism the five phases or five elements in Chinese tradition Fire Earth Metal Water Wood
  8. Modern Occultism Church of Satan the Pentagram in reverse depicting the head of a goat, considered the triumph of matter over spirit.
  9. Remember Leonardo Da Vinci’s drawing of the Man in the Hexagram not a pentagram!  The Vitruvian Man reflecting the Golden Ratio proportions of man a symbol of perfection & harmony. The spiritual and human world combined as one being a connection. I believe he changed this to a hexagram show us the combined world! It is the force we perhaps feel! Ok I warned you I’d go off on a tangent typical artist that’s me!
  10. Bowie the Vitruvian man
  11. Bowie & San Francesco-Brother Sun, Francis being surrounded with fine clothes and wealth his life & values were in opposition for his desire was to serve Jesus & the poor by being one of them. He removed his clothing rejected his worldly belongings & traded them for a freedom that we can only begin to understand. The freedom of a being both physical and spiritual. It could sound like I’m getting lost here but at this moment in time it’s the path I believe is right.
  12. A true artist of our time ahead of his own! Thank you Starman you touched my soul!