Forgotten Muses

The Kiss tribute painting

The Kiss tribute painting

Gustav Klimt one of my favourite inspirational artists & his muse.

This image is of my tribute to Klimt’s The Kiss a few years before I became a professional artist. I chose to paint as a challenge to myself I needed to see how well I could paint and actually finish the painting without giving in it to prove I could cope. The detail was very challenging and was all about self discipline and my passion as an artist.
I’m self taught and Klimt is one of my all time favourite artists. I now add gold leaf to some of my works and also use other mediums, I love metallics. I also have a series in progress only one has been revealed in the past “Fragments of My Mind” my thinking has evolved by being inspired.

Times have changed we artists are lucky to what we have I’m surrounded by a great support network of family, friends, galleries, art features, social media, advertising and my customers. These artists mostly survived only purely with their passion.

I thank them with all my heart and also for the support I have now for making it happen for me as an artist in today’s world.

The Fashion Muse of Austrian Artist Gustav Klimt

The Klimt Museum

Please continue to enjoy my free calendar as my Thanks to you too!

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