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going back to mid winter here is a little tale and this is usually how I begin my creative process with my thought process. I hope you enjoy reading my creative process..

It’s Such A Perfect Day

The walk that turned out to be perfect in every way. Except one little blip I forgot to check the battery on my iPhone not very smart there was I! So back we turned the dog & I to fetch the camera and recharge my phone a little just in case of any little emergencies ie: the dog & I getting lost mmm well you never know always the cautious being that I am. So we trekked through the countryside in Heage all by foot no car involved (I don’t drive & it wouldn’t be a walk if I did) Everywhere I turned inspiration fell upon the dog & I’s every step. The dog was intrigued too but with her nose who’s been here and who’s been there sniff sniff…
Not so long ago i painted a scenery entitled In The Midst if Winter purely from thoughts and inspirations I find myself in the same woodland again I saw in my minds eye click clicking away snap snap. Then up the field the famous Heage Windmill kept running by the now well known Heage Windy Millers. I love the windmill it’s perfect inspiration I recently painted “Just Another Winters Tale” and by now you may hopefully know its history. Clicking away again the Windmill is surrounded by “The Mist of Winter” how perfect! Next up the dog. & I continue our walk into the next field. Oh dear I wondered if we’d encounter the sheep they looked at the dog & I. I clicked away at their inquisitiveness or maybe it was the dog & I that were inquisitive who knows but they sure didn’t like being disturbed from feeding & what looked like some young ones known as “teenage lambs” (in Mandys world) that’s how young they looked anyway. The dog & I continued to walk cautiously thru the field by the hedge but no these sheep were having non of it they started to tred erm what I like to call fairly fast so the dog & I ran fairly fast back to the gate how scared are we phew! So that part of the walk was cut off & we headed back up to Bowmer & Kirkland a local well known industry been going some years I tell thee. So the dog & I headed off down side of B&K “public footpath” I might add! Into the next field of no sheep all alone we played with a stick the dog over excited couldn’t see where I’d thrown it so I was doing all the running  about by myself. Don’t ask me how I came to do all this running ( my dad will tell you I’ve never run even when we played tennis as a kid I didn’t run after the ball it had to come to me) However if I have to then I will. So then the dog & I clambered over a rotten old fence that almost fell to the ground due it being “rotten” of course. We walked down Bond Lane the dog & I not much energy left we just strolled back clicking away the dog treading carefully as we head to nearby house with bigger dogs barking she was scared.. Barks bigger than the bite I think. We head back home for my long awaited cuppa and weetabix. The dog looking fairly disappointed but hey dog I’ve got work to do whilst you take a nap! Author & Artist 
Mandy-Jayne Ahlfors©

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