Iconic faces and places by Mandy-Jayne Ahlfors

Title%22In The Public Domain Kurt Cobain%22, By Derbyshire artist Mandy-Jayne Ahlfors© www.saatchiart.com:artbymandy, www.facebook.com:artbymandyMandy-Jayne Ahlfors likes to get into the mind’s eye of her subject.

Before she can sit down, paintbrush in hand, in front of the easel she has to know every little detail about the person or the place she is about to commit to canvas.

“I feel that I will only be doing the subject any kind of justice if I know about them how they lived why they did what they did in their life and why where they so different. It is almost as if I need to be living in their life,” she explained.

“I spend hours and hours researching all I can about them before I start work and then I just become totally absorbed in the painting as I try to get their personality to come out in what I am creating.”

It is not just icons such as Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, Audrey Hepburn…

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