Romantic Journey’s in Iconic Places

At the moment I’m on a journey in art this time the journey is a romantic one steeped in Tudor history. Currently I’m working at a 16th Century pub “The Yew Tree” in South Wingfield on a mural painting of a a beautiful Derbyshire landscape. This landscape is an hisoric one and each day I’ve painted I feel I have been creating a journey to one of the most beautiful places we have in Derbyshire.

It all began when I started my “Heritage Inspirations” Series of paintings the Manors, the Halls all belonging to Derbyshire and our surrounding area’s each one having it’s own tale of romance & history. Each time I’ve painted one of the landscapes I began to feel like I’m a part of the painting each one has it’s own romance and some having stately connections to the past and our future all holding centuries of history preserved in time!  So far it’s been a fabulous journey and it continues I simply can’t wait to find out what will happen next!

September “Heritage Inspirations is exhibited at Studio 61 Gallery, Leashaw, Matlock DE4.

October “Autumn Exhibition, The Buzz Gallery, Castle Donnington.

Featured publication Artsbeat mag September 2014 & also online

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