Just Another Winters Tale

Just Another Winters Tale, Heage Windmill,Derbyshire, ArtistMandy-JayneAhlfors,October2013
Original Sold
Limited Edition Prints from £45
DH Lawrence Museum “Winter Wonderland” Exhibition November 2013
For more information Studio 61 Gallery 01629 534532
Heage Windmill” A Different Perspective”
As you know my latest series are based on Britains Heritage. I’m loving the series and gaining knowledge and sharing along the way. This time I’ve focused on local Heritage known as Heage Windmill. The windmill was built in the mid 16th Century and has had it’s ups and downs over the centuries it is now in full working order and is the only working Windmill in Britain with 6 sails and is now producing flour. Not so long ago it was visited by Prince Edward abit of a private affair I hasten to add as no-one in the area had a clue till it was over. The prince obviously needed his privacy and why not. The windmill is run by a group known as Heage Windymillers. This group has brought life back to our windmill, mill’s flour, has turned it into a well known Derbyshire tourist attraction bringing in lots of visitors both local and national. They also hold regular events such as the Vintage tractor fair, and even hold an outdoor painting event bringing young and old artists together.. I must say I’m feeling very proud of our local heritage. Heage Windmill located in the heart of Derbyshire sits on top of the hill.

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