Inspirational Landscape Series continued

Another majestic find

My Artistic process

Do you find my artistic process of interest? Does it jog your memory to the past or do you think it makes you want to visit and see it through new eyes? This is my artistic process I hope it works for you too.

Yesterday I painted in my Sky for the winter scene (More to come on this).

But before I went back to my studio: We decided as it was such a beautiful Autumn day my husband Barry and I went for a ride out on the motorbike. Our journey led us to Hardwick Hall Country Park which was planned as part of our journey. I wanted more inspiration for my Landscape series all of which include listed Heritage buildings and the Grande National Trust Heritage sites all based in our beautiful land of Derbyshire. I find them so magical and love the history that goes with them. There is so much to see and wonders to take in. They make me feel like I should know more. And when I arrived I could not believe my eyes, I found the most beautiful composition I instantly saw a “Monet” painting it felt like I was like I was mean’t to find it. Eventually my find will turn into a painting more coming soon…




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