“Autumn Inspirations Series ” Sky Over Riber Castle


Painting Title:”Sky Over Riber Castle”
Medium: Acrylics
Size: 24″ x 24″
Original priced at £400
Limited Edition Prints 100

Size 7″ x 7″ mounted Price £45
Size 10″ x 10″ mounted Price £75
Size 16″ x 16″ mounted Price £120

About “Sky Over Riber Castle”
An intriguing journey that led Mandy to find out more about the castle. Starting with my memories as a child visiting this wonderful castle she remembers back then believe it or not was a zoo.  As a child she always thought it was built for the Queen! Sitting proudly at the top of Riber hovering over the town of Matlock definitely built for Queen.  Once Mandy began delving into the history of Riber Castle she found it was actually built by a local tradesman known as John Smedley who is famed for his a yarn knitting factory “John Smedley” It was said to have created the “Long John’s”. And to this day his clothing line is still in production and can be purchased in well known outlets in the UK and across the world, the factory is based at Lea Bridge, Derbyshire. He also had connections with famous Sir Richard Arkwright and the famous Florence Nightingale family. It was obvious John Smedley built Riber Castle for his own queen Caroline. Sadly after his wife passed away there and during the war it was used for storage after that the building became too expensive to run due to maintenance costs and so had many other uses including a boys school and the zoo as mentioned before, today it is not currently in use but there are always rumours it’s going to be hotel which would be a lovely or maybe a museum who know’s but it still remains as beautiful and certainly is so very inspiring! Everyone who visits Matlock in Derbyshire will undoubtedly have heard of the beautiful castle nestled in the beautiful countryside sitting proudly above us!

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