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From Black & White To Colour

Latest Commissioned Artwork

Portrait Ken & Elder Brother 1938

Classic Portraits from Black & White to Colour

An original classical artwork brought to life painted in colour from a Black & White Photograph. This has become a popular service for my clients who love to capture their old photographs into a beautiful colourful painting. This service is unique and is available for anyone who wishes to bring life and colour into a favourite photograph why not capture your favourite old photographs into a beautiful colour painting.

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Hello It seems I’ve not been here for a while. So I’d like to welcome you back if you’re a follower on my Blog, thanks for staying with me. Since last September I’ve been busy with the various roles in my life including art, I have been working on various commissions that led upto last Christmas (seems strange saying Christmas in May) and into this year.

So to get you up to speed here is a recent update for you. Read here…

May I wish you the happiest of weekends.

Love MJA

Art by Mandy UK

Art By Mandy UK,


Elvis Red & Gold

Latest Artwork from the studio in Lockdown

So I’ve included this video via my IGTV on instagram @artbymandyuk

It is about demonstrating the details of the artwork and different textures and colours that I chose to suit how I remember Elvis his look and smouldering look of those eyes he seemed to have a magic about him it was like he had the Midas touch where everything he did turned to gold this is reflected in the painting in Elvis eyes and the background representing that starry essence he had that his fans worshipped. The metallic Red flashes in his hair representing the Elvis stage lights giving off beautiful red rays of light on his stage silhouette the velvety matt black paint is used in his hair and that is to represent Elvis famous black hair dye known as black velvet also the song. I also used my drip paint technique something I started to use back in 2012 on a painting titled Fragments of my Mind. Like Elvis who is also a fragment of my mind. I like to paint portraits representing my memories and thoughts through my life wether it is in the present or the past. I also love Pop Culture again past and present and I enjoy painting them and why or how they represent my thoughts or have affected my life. 

Let me know your thoughts on my latest work all comments welcome.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Thank you for the Love and Support this year.

Wishing you a restful and peaceful Christmas.

With Love from Art by Mandy UK


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Amazing artworks are good for the mood

Midnight Mountain 🎼🎷

Just completed commissioned artwork for my very happy clients. Something to look forward to during the winter months giving a feeling of relaxation and warmth and in the summer when the French doors are open the wine is flowing the sun is setting this piece gives a feeling of such peace and tranquility enjoy the feeling of – Midnight mountain

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Latest art from the Studio I

The Waite Brothers

So happy the finished result of this painting and I truly enjoyed the process that included research for men’s and boys fashion of the forties all looking dapper don’t you think? My clients commissioned family portrait is now completely finished here’s what my client had to say in a testamonial.

Customer Testamonial: Hi mandy. thanks for everything and all is ok, its great I just love what you can do. I just cant thank you enough for what you have done for me- Ken. Makes it all so worthwhile when your customers love what you do and show their support. So far my client has commissioned work for 5 portraits all on my blog. timeline. All the portraits were painted from Black and white photographs dating from 1930’s-1940’s except for one which was done from life.

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Latest in the Studio

WIP Been back in the studio a few days now making great progress alongside all the research needed for the fashion style from 7 year olds to teenagers of the 1940’s era. The teenagers especially loved the more relaxed look which is evident in this young man the oldest son a style not too dissimilar of today’s teenagers. My research has been aided by the power of fashion writers such as @vintagedancercom great very interesting blog fashion writer

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Sunshine in the studio

Good afternoon what an amazingly beautiful day to paint 🎨 I’m back in the studio the sunshine is on my side today as work through some belated commissioned artworks I have some lovely clients who have waited patiently of recent its good to be back in the studio life 👩‍🎨 Below is part of a photograph I’m working from it’s in black and white and dates back to the 1940’s. My client has commissioned me for a series of family portraits it has been quite a challenge bringing black and white photos into full colour paintings a process I really enjoy.

Plus a little bit of fun I’ve been comparing my son and I 👦👩 both with the same features in the young pics of us both although he’s not really happy about his cute baby haircut though 💇‍♂️& waistcoat especially as he’s alot older now with a beard🧔🏻still handsome though 💁‍♂️ Having a fabulous day in the studio enjoying the sunshine

Have a great evening as the sun goes down 🌅

Art by Mandy UK

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Elvis Is In The Building!

Hello again

I Thought you’d like to see my latest Artwork Elvis I’m loving the process.

Elvis Presley img_7089.jpg

Elvis Artwork in progress Artist Art By Mandy UK

I feel like I’m doing really well working in the studio again as well as all my other jobs that I have lined up in a week I seem to be in the flow and I’m loving it.

So I thought I’d show you my latest art work in creation the one and only King of Rock Elvis. Its been a fairly long process deciding which profile I wanted of his face its always about the eyes to me I love the deep thoughtful look, the colour red was always in the back of my mind because I seem to associate this with Elvis his name in lights were mostly red as I seem to remember from my childhood.  Next I’ll be deciding on mixed media as you know if you follow my works I’m a big fan of  mixed media still I’m deciding on wether it’s going to be GoldLeaf as featured in many of my Icon portrait paintings or something else a little bit different I shall be experimenting! I hope you are enjoying the process with me via my Social media I hope to see you there.

And I hope you are enjoying my emails there’s more to come.

Stay with me you’ll always the first to know my latest news and updates!

Have a great day

Sent with Love ♥️

Art By Mandy UK


Elvis Is In The Building

Hello again

It’s been a while but I’ll explain in another blog post in the meantime please enjoy one of my latest works in progress below.

Thought you’d like to see my latest work Elvis I’m loving the process.

I feel like I’m doing really well working in the studio again as well all my other jobs that I have lined up in a week I seem to be in the flow and I’m loving it.  One day I will be famous just like Elvis she dreams.. My feet are firmly planted on the ground till then no seriously thank you for your continued support and art will always be my career path as you know it is my first love. So I thought I’d show you my latest work in creation Elvis, I’m also working on a commissioned artwork and in case if you missed my social media posts you can see both works in progress on my Instagram artbymandyuk.

In the mean time I hope you are enjoying my emails there’s more to come. Stay with me as you’re always the first to know my latest news and updates!

Have a great day

Sent with Love ♥️